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"Forever Autumn" is a short piece I wrote as a writers group exercise using the words from a favorite piece of the time, mine was "Forever Autumn" by the Moody Blues.

Forever Autumn

Hello Sarah.  It has been so long since I was able to come again and I am so sorry. The summer sun is fading and the year grows old my love, just like me.  You know Sarah; it seems like only yesterday that we were running down the beach hand in hand.  Remember when I threatened to throw you into the sea?  "Frank no," you yelled.  You had such a scowl on your face.  But you weren't really angry, I could tell.  We always had such great fun didn't we Sarah?

Oh Sarah, doesn't it seem as though darker days are drawing near? Smell the air.  Umm, autumn.  I think the winter winds will be much colder this year though.  It certainly feels that way to me. What do you think?  Look at me, a gentle drizzle and I stand here shivering.

I know you can't answer me love.  Now that you're not here, every winter seems much colder.  You knew that would happen before you left.  You tried to tell me you would be in a happier place and I must go on.  I don't want to though; not without you.

You know, I watch the birds fly south and I think of you.  When they disappear one by one I am always a little sadder and one step closer.  Closer to what, you ask?  I don't know, maybe closer to being with you again.  Sarah, there are so many times I wish I was flying with them.  How can I live this life now that you're not here?  Oh, I know, I know.  You want me to watch the autumns come and go.  That's what it is, isn't it my love?  This was always your favorite time of year.  You always brought a smile to my face whenever I watched you kicking through the piles of autumn leaves.  But Sarah, that won't happen anymore 'cause you're not here.

I am weary love.  The rain that falls today is only to mask the lonely tear I shed for you, for me.  Without you here, I don't know how I can go on.  Sarah, without you here, I will be forever lonesome.

Like the song through the trees you came to love me and like the leaf on the breeze you blew away. Goodbye my love...goodbye my Sarah.

This is just a short piece I happen to like and of course one I incorperated into my book "Prophecy: The Awakening".

The Gate

"...She is so much more than anyone knows.
She is what life is all about...someone
who cares so deeply about all living beings.
She will do everything and be everything to
everyone. She will give and expect nothing
in return. She has dreams beyond the
imagination...dreams of eternal life. She
is the GATE and She is eternal!
Her time here is but a stepping stone
and she will affect all who have contact
with her...none will escape! She will touch
your heart...she will reach your soul and you
will not forget her in passing. Know love...know
happiness...know sorrow...for she will teach them all,
and the memory of her will never diminish."

-by Ardy Scott copyright © 1998

Prophecy: The Awakening

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Forever Autumn
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