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Top Rating of 10 from Harriet Klausner

In reaction to the balance between dark and light heavily tilting in favor of the darkness, ancient gods create a force to fight the ultimate battle by making eight individuals immortal with magical powers. At the same time that the gods intercede, the Nameless One awakens, awaiting the moment to capture the gate keeper as a key step to destroy the light.

The gods awaken Kryla, She who is Protector of the Spiritual Planes so she can unite with a mortal host, Andrea as these two separate essences share one body with the goal of finding the other chosen. Kryla trains Andrea to use her extrasensory powers and become spiritually aware, but the mortal also has mundane issues relating to her spouse and four teens. However, her prime directive is to find and “awaken” the other seven knowing she must help them cope with their psychic skills and their fears of their responsibilities, the gods and the dark for their chosen life will never be the same due to magical forces at work.

This opening gamut combines mythological elements with a coming Armageddon that will thrill readers of fantasy. The story line is action-packed yet balances the key awakening inside of the mortals especially Andrea whose coping with the mundane and the fantastic seems so realistic as she doubts she has the right stuff. With strong characterizations (including the mythological) inside a powerfully descriptive tale of good battling evil, this reviewer prophesizes that A.M. Scott and her New Age series will receive strong acclaim. This first tale is a refreshing triumph in the age old theme of the light trying to stop the growing darkness.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner for MBR Bookwatch.

RATING: 5 - Collector's Treasure

"Through the mists of ages they come, dark and light alike. All six from separate flows of demonic hatred, filled with the might of angelic love."
From - The Prophecy

Monitored by the Gods, the Battle between good and evil, light and dark raged on through the centuries. Evil has taken the lead, The Nameless One is growing in power. It's time for the Awakening, a ritual that begins with the calling of Kryla, the Gate.

Kryla joins with Andrea a mortal woman, although they are two separate beings they will share the same body. Kryla's mission is twofold, she must help Andrea realize her full potential, and she must assist in the massing of the remaining mortals who have been chosen to aid in the battle.

With Kryla's help Andrea discovers the many layers of her being. She learns how to cope in two very different worlds. In one world she is a foster mother to troubled kids, and wife to an unfaithful husband. In the other world she is a warrior-- training for the battle of her life.

A.M. Scott skillfully pulls the reader in a world of magic and "what-if" and still manages to stay in tune with reality. The reader is taken on a journey into the supernatural and into the heart and soul of two unique women. Andrea and Kryla, thousands of years and memories separate them, yet, from the start a common bond unites them. Mortal or God the heart of a woman endures. One body containing two minds think as one, two hearts that beat in unison, two souls that will battle with their last breath for what they believe in and those they love.

Whether the genre of choice, is New Age Fantasy, Romance, Suspense or Action/Adventure -- PROPHECY: THE AWAKENING will no doubt engage the senses and leave the reader eagerly awaiting the final novel in this two book series.

Reviewed by D.L. Bolk for FMAM (Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine).

Exhilarating -- Highly recommended

In the battle to balance light and dark, ancient gods awaken their warriors and guardians calling them to battle. Spanning the astral planes between the gods and mortals, a connection is formed allowing gods walk again among men when the dark begins to overbalance the light. The gods create a mystical force that can fight the ultimate battle between life in all of its forms. To that end, the gods grant immortality and magical powers to eight souls, naming them warriors and keepers of the spiritual planes. The Nameless One also awakens, and while he cannot yet move about, to push him back would give him what he desires, knowledge. The Nameless One especially wants the keeper of the Gate.

As the Nameless One threatens the light, the gods awaken Kryla, She who is Protector of the Spiritual Planes, Gate to eternity. Kryla joins with an adult mortal host, Andrea. Separate beings sharing the same mortal existence, they join in an effort to locate the other chosen mortals who will aid in their fight. Andrea's latent gifts begin to blossom under Kryla's tutelage as she ventures into the astral to receive further teachings. Even as she grows spiritually, however, Andrea must maintain her ordinary existence, coping with a straying husband, foster children, and the challenges of bringing together other mortals that are beginning to awaken. As the chosen mortals awaken they become more than simple beings. Called by the gods, forgotten memories of godhood lie in the deepest recesses of their minds. These mortals are now blessed with psychic abilities of varying natures, making them manipulators of magic. Yet walking in mortal bodies, they are also limited by mortal fears even as memory of their godly existence awakens.

With paranormal elements richly woven with varying spiritual beliefs, A. M. Scott creates a fantasy novel with ties to Wicca, magic, and even the Celestine Prophecies. Bringing these varied concepts and insights into this powerful work of fiction, creates a novel rich in nuance. Vividly wrought visualizations accompany a fascinating journey of self-discovery, resulting fascinating characterizations. Creating such a tightly woven mythology and characterization limits the speed at which the plot moves, putting off the promised battle to the sequel. Nevertheless, with its rich textures, vivid descriptions, and fierce spirituality, PROPHECY: THE AWAKENING comes highly recommended.

Cindy Penn Senior Editor,
Amazon Top 50 Reviewer

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Long ago, eight souls were granted the gift of becoming Immortal and becoming guardians of the mortal realms. Kryla, who has now become the Gate, on the path to eternal life is relcutant to heed the call to awaken, remembering with terror the last time they did battle with the Nameless One.

The Nameless One is once more abroad, and darkness follows in his wake. Kryla must join once more with a mortal soul, two entities in the one body. The host the gods have chosen for her, Andrea, is already adult, and already poweful in her own right, and it just takes Kryla to help her to use these powers to their full potential.

The time of the final battle draws near and Kryla and Andrea are in more danger than most, for the Nameless one has decided that he wants the Gate as his queen...

An inriguing fantasy, drawing on different faiths and mythology, with strange happenings going on in a very modern setting. Andrea has to deal with her new powers, cope with a house full of foster children, a husband who seems to drain her energy every time he is near, and fight evil at the same time.

The author has weaved a tale with words and nothing in the book seems far-fetched, everything flows very well, the changes between the Immortal world and Mortal one are handled very deftly. The gods have their weaknesses and their fears, as much as the Mortals, even though they have more power.

An engaging tale. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Annette Gisby, author of Writing the Dream and Silent Screams and editor of Twisted Tales webzine.

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The existence of Dark and Light, Good and Evil, pulses around us all, and for true well being, on all Planes, these energies must be balanced.

A.M. Scott, in her first literary work "Prophecy: The Awakening" addresses a frightening reality in the form of a question…what happens if this scale is shifted…leaning closer to the Dark than the Light?

Prophecy: The Awakening, is a rich tapestry of mystical and mortal elements, addressing an event that started over a millennium ago. Great, powerful Gods: Odin, Danu, Morrigan, convened, and put into place a mystical force that would fight the war of all wars, that of life in all its forms. These Gods granted immortality and powers to eight souls, naming them warriors and protectors of the spiritual planes. To protect the Mortal Plane, they initiate the last of the Awakenings, that of Kryla, The Gate. She has been chosen to join with an adult mortal host, Andrea. Her role is not only in learning about her role but also in finding those other Mortals who will help in this most important mission.

Like a colorful astral journey, A.M. Scott floats us through the mind of mortals, spirituals, and the dark-side we all know exists. It is a pilgrimage in self-discovery, of finding those others that will make the Group Whole, and maybe, just maybe, be strong enough to fight the war of all wars, that of good against evil.

If you want a fantasy that is realistic to the extreme, wealthy in visualism, abundant in New Age principles then Prophecy: The Awakening is a must read that more than fulfills the most discernible of Fantasy tastes, and will ensure the journey of discovering whether good does indeed win over evil sends the pulses racing and the pages turning.

Reviewer: Copyright © July 2001 J.L. Bryson, Author and Reviewer

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Throughout time and space the balance of light and darkness must always be maintained, but every once in a while darkness awakens and arises with the intent to disrupt this balance. When the forces of darkness stir, the forces of light must group together to make a stand. In A.M. Scott's New Age fantasy novel Prophecy: The Awakening the reader becomes witness to the preparation of the inevitable clash between dark and light that will take place today, in our time and space. And so Scott creates a reality that is wrought with ethereal beings, psychic entities, and lurking dangers lying in wait in the familiar corners of everyday life.

Reviewer: Copyright © 2001 Dennis de Gruijter

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