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"Prophecy: The Awakening" is available through your favorite bookstore and online booksellers. Copies can be ordered directly from the the author. Email Ardy M. Scott

Twilight Times Books
P. O. Box 3340
Kingsport, TN 3766
and also via the Internet at

Fantasy trade paperback
Retail price $18.50
5x8 - 164 pages
ISBN: 1-931201-32-3
Available in most ebook formats.

What if you had to share your consciousness with a benign, but ancient being on a mission?
What if you had to make life or death decisions with sketchy knowledge of the issues at stake?
What if the balance between Dark and Light has shifted -- giving Dark the upper hand?

The answers can be found in Prophecy: The Awakening, and a New Age realm where the inhabitants travel astral planes, converse with the gods and use computers to unite their efforts."

With paranormal elements richly woven with varying spiritual beliefs, A. M. Scott creates a fantasy novel with ties to Wicca, magic, and even the Celestine Prophecies. Bringing these varied concepts and insights into this powerful work of fiction, creates a novel rich in nuance...with its rich textures, vivid descriptions, and fierce spirituality, PROPHECY: THE AWAKENING comes highly recommended.

- Cindy Penn Senior Editor, WordWeaving . Amazon Top 50 Reviewer


If you want a fantasy that is realistic to the extreme, wealthy in visualism, abundant in New Age principles then Prophecy: The Awakening is a must read.

...sends the pulses racing and the pages turning.

J.L. Bryson, Author and Reviewer



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An inriguing fantasy, drawing on different faiths and mythology, with strange happenings going on in a very modern setting
...An engaging tale. Highly recommended.

Annette Gisby, author of Writing the Dream and Silent Screams and editor of Twisted Tales webzine.

PROPHECY: The Awakening
A.M. Scott


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Prophecy: The Awakening

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