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Prophecy: The Awakening

A. M. Scott

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Odin's voice reverberated though the heavens...

"The Prophecy is about to unfold. Heed the call...awaken!"
"Through the mists of ages they come, dark and light
alike. All six from separate flows of demonic
hatred, filled with the might of angelic love.
Seeker, Keeper, Key, all come from place the same.
They fill an end of bitter tears and fears of all round.
Two of these have seen and know the truth of each other's
hearts and yet only one of this bound pair will not be
bound to death as well.
The other one who stands alone will find the
Joined Souls, this one will be the one who eats and
Devours the plan whole. Beware this third for they are
the one who is nothing but evil. Yet without this
searching one, little of what is meant to sew will
untangle its black threads.
Key of Keys without a lock, they find a name, a
home, the time drips away, like the sands inside a deep
array of deep and evil fields.
Keeper and Guardian of the Soul, quickness
is your friend. Beware your little deceits and
white lies, for all they can bring is bitter end.
Joined souls are the two above, they have filled each
soul with love, sad but true is the bitter end, where
doom is the one who holds all's end.
The Seeker last is not as true; they only seek the lies
of one. Once found through this they search for the
other Joined Souls, and seek this one out by their
faulty love and trust in one who deceives all, once found
this devilish creature will aid the master plan, but
after all has ended they will assure no one is left.
Three others will aid this group of lies and faults
and evil. These three hold only good inside and will
balance out the first scary trio. Names these three
do not have, for the Dark Souls of three must
find, put names to these, little dark ones, or all
will fall into deaths night."

"This is the first half of 'The Dream Lake Prophecy'
...Go forth now to Kefira Aisling Kasei our Keeper of Souls."

With the last words spoken, Odin's staff struck the ground with a mighty force. The fabric of the heavens rippled...light became dark, night became day. Rivers flowed uphill and chaos seemed to rule the very universe. The circle of Gods and Goddesses shimmered and slowly, their forms united. There was a blinding flash of multi-colored light and then all became silent. Order was restored.

Taking a deep breath, Odin looked around. He was alone and exhausted. "It is done. The awakening begins."


Chapter One

Soaring through a star-studded vista, she called, beckoning them to follow. The heavens were alight with a thousand souls, a thousand thousands, all desperate to reach her. To those who followed, Kryla was resplendent in her true form. She radiated an aura of purest white and yet, when gazed upon, it looked as though all the colors of the world had been combined. It was her they wanted and her they could not have, for destiny had not yet been fulfilled.

"Come my precious jewels," she crooned. "I can only guide you now, secret you off to safety. You belong to the Keeper of Souls and there you must remain...but not for long. Only until I can call you back. Then you will have what you desire...eternal life." Her voice was like music, permeating the heavens with the soft, gentle tones of purity.

Kryla felt a sudden tingling and paused in mid-flight as the feeling set off all her internal alarms. It was as though someone ran a feather over her skin, but here, she did not have a physical form. The tingling was in her mind alone and while the sensation only lasted for an instant, its meaning was apparent...a summons. The sending was urgent and even though no actual words issued forth, Kryla knew what it meant. "The awakening has begun," she said with a sigh. Her voice was but a whisper as she tried to determine how much time there was before they drew her back. It was going to be a race with time to complete the task before her.

When the gateway appeared a short distance ahead, she quickened her pace. Even as the last souls passed through the gate to the Keeper's haven, Kryla could feel the pull. Reluctantly, she gave up all resistance and slowly began to fade. They saw her leaving and called to her, begging her to come back.

"Hush now," she chided softly. "You are safe here and I shall return soon." The last words spoken echoed in the void she left behind. Kryla felt their sorrow as she was drawn back to her own body and her eyes glistened with unshed tears at their pain.

Tears? I feel their sting, feel the thickening in my throat. This cannot be. I am ethereal. No, I cannot cry here...I will not cry. She did cry though, the sorrow was just too great to hold up under.

Brushing away an escaping tear, she quickly joined with her sleeping form. It felt like a dream within a dream passing from one plane of existence into the next. Two sets of memories collided and then became one. Kryla stored all memories where they belonged and willed herself to awaken. As the mists of slumber parted, she thought she heard a voice and focused her mind in that direction. When it came again her lips curved into a smile.

"Awaken child, the time is come." It was the softest of whispers from one she knew and loved. The words also brought back the bond between them; that reassuring sense of emotional security Kryla had missed. She now felt his affection and knew he could feel her pleasure at his presence. She smiled softly in the darkness.

"Must I?" Her question came out through a stifled yawn, barely audible. Like a cat, she slowly stretched to ease muscles, which had been in one position far too long. Still not wanting to open her eyes, Kryla rolled onto her stomach. Her reply was muffled by the pillow, "A little longer if I may?"

That soft, almost caressing voice, again wove its way into her mind, "The time is come, child. You must awaken." She heard His voice in her head, not with her ears. It is the way mind-speech works.

This time what He was saying registered. In one brief moment the mists parted and her eyes flew open. A torrent of memories flooded back. She recalled the last time they were summoned and how it ended in a furious battle for survival. Squeezing her eyes shut didn't stop the memories from flooding in.

I cannot do this again. How can I come face to face with those hideous beings again? Those creatures were evil incarnate.

Her eyes opened against her will, widening in horror. Everything shifted and sounds of battle were added to the memories. The moaning of those suffering their wounds, the cries for help, the screams. She kept hearing them over and over again. Kryla quickly shut her eyes again and held trembling hands to her ears.

Can I ever shut out the horror and the heartache of so many precious lives lost? This is too much for anyone to endure.

"My dear Lord, it cannot be time already, tell me this is not so!" Her voice had risen and fear began to weave its tendrils through her very being. She bolted to the side of the bed, searching for the one she knew to be near. Odin was there, standing by the room's only window. He stared out into the darkness, the long wisps of His snow-white hair floating around Him on the night breezes.

In a voice on the edge of panic, Kryla cried out to Him, "I am so afraid! I hoped this time would never come. Please, oh please, I cannot do this again!"

Kryla knew He could feel the pain and fear coursing through her and that He understood. Odin responded with softly spoken words. "You must Kryla, you know you must. We have finally come to the end of what has been a long and torturous journey for all of us. Besides child, none can change what has been written. Not even I can do that. You must."

"Why? Why must I? I did not choose to be who I am, none of us did. Written? Are you talking about a half-written Prophecy that takes a scholar to decipher? I am no scholar, so tell me why did it have to be written this way? Why were we the ones who were chosen for this? To die over and over again...all any of us ever wanted was peace. Oh please, I do not want to do this again," she begged.

When there was no response, Kryla became belligerent. "What happens if we choose to ignore the call? I do not believe we can be forced to go forth. No, I think not."

There! He has to come to His senses now and I will wait. She sat on the very edge of the bed, arms crossed before her and a face set with defiance.

He cannot make me go. It is going to be all right. Odin will understand and tell me it is okay. Yes, I will not have to be part of it anymore. This is all only a bad dream I am having.

The seconds ticked by. Silence met her defiance and she knew there would be no answers to her outburst. Odin simply stood with His back to her, calmly gazing out the open window. Oh Lord! What am I doing? I sound and act like a small child having a temper tantrum. Damn!

After what seemed like hours instead of mere moments, she slumped back on the bed. Everything kept spinning around in her mind, the horrors, and the fears all jumbling together. Kryla tried to calm herself by taking long deep breaths. It really didn't work very well. All the feelings were still there, but she was finally resigned to her role. "You are right, I must. Still, I dread what is to come. I beg forgiveness for this outburst, my Lord. You know I will do everything I must do. I did choose this and I will fulfill my destiny." She paused briefly. "Have the others been awakened?"

"Yes, it begins. Our Keeper has returned briefly and prepares for her final departure. The others are already where they must be. Even as we speak, they all begin awakening the memories of their mortal hosts. You must prepare yourself now Kryla."

"I know what I have to do." Her voice sounded peevish even to her ears. Sitting up quickly, she grabbed matches from the table. After a third attempt to light a match she gave up. Using energies and her mind, the candle on the table was finally lit. Kryla had learned many ages ago of her ability to call upon certain energies and fire was one of the threads readily available to her.

Pretending to busy herself, she began gathering together the few necessities needed for the journey. Kryla felt guilty for the angry outburst and peered at Lord Odin through her lashes. Even though words were not necessary between them, speaking aloud was preferable to mind-speech right now. Noise, any noise, was better than opening her mind and thoughts again. "All are out there?" she asked with hope in her voice.

He smiled at the question, but did not turn to face her. Kryla, you are a fiery young woman, who can push my patience to the limits. It is good that you can also be quite charming. "I know what you ask, child. Yes, all are out there. Shoran awakens too."

Kryla's heart seemed to skip a beat at the mention of that name. She smiled in spite of the fear only moments before. Shoran, you have come again. Oh, I have missed you so. It will be good to have you at my side my friend, she thought.

Aloud, she asked almost casually, yet not quite hiding her excitement, "I thought her lost for all time, my Lord. It will be good to see her again. Is she well? How will I know her this time?"

Odin was patient with her when He answered, for He understood her way. "She is well, Kryla. You and she will know each other just as you have through the ages. She has changed only a little. How she appears in the flesh means nothing. This you already know."

Small flashes on the ceiling alerted Kryla that there was something disturbing Odin. He always fingered the medallion on His chest whenever there was a problem to deal with. Waiting, even for an instant, was a torment in itself.

"There is something new about your friend you should know. And, it is important that you understand what has taken place since you last met." Odin turned from the window then and in answer to her raised eyebrows, He began talking in a quiet almost saddened voice. "Our beloved Guardian was once one person, keeper and protector of one destined to bond with her. She was slain, but promised to return to the world when the time came; when she was needed again. She has always been bound as light and dark equally."

Kryla was about to protest, to tell Him she knew all of this, but He held up His hand to stay her retort and continued. "But, when the call came again, at the wrong time, some things were altered. The end of her mortal life also brought about another end. Shoran the Immortal ceased to be. As you know, it is devastating to all when an immortal dies. Yet, at the time of her death, something miraculous happened. The Guardian's persona somehow split into two aspects. They return to the call now as male and female. The female persona keeps the name Shoran and is now of earth and water only, rather than all five of the elements as before. She is able to draw energies from spirit, although it is not a part of her anymore, nor is it a part of the other. She will still be a very good protector and grounder and this is what you are going to need my child. Your mortal life will be plagued with many trials, which will require Shoran's grounding force."

Kryla heard the smile in His voice even though it didn't show on His face when he continued to explain. "The other, the male side, has taken the fire and air aspect of what once was Shoran. He is her opposite now. We feel he too will bond with a chosen one, as Shoran will again bond with you. His fire/air aspect gives him a match with the Seeker's power over air and also the ability to turn anything she cannot defend against. We are confident he will bond with her."

After a short pause, Odin's expression changed to one of puzzlement and He continued as though thinking aloud. His voice became distant. "We have reflected long on why this happened or even how, but have been enlightened with only a few answers. They are now matched halves of light and dark and, for an unknown reason, it has become necessary that both be absolutely pure in order to bring about our success." He seemed to suddenly remember she was there and His tone softened again, as it always did when he be-spoke her. "It was not meant to happen this way, Kryla, and I would change all back to where it was if it could be done. There are limits to what even I can do. There are forces at work here beyond all of us."

She thought on this for a time, remembering the loss of one who was closest to her. Even now, Kryla could see her Guardian's face in her final moments. Kryla had cradled Shoran's head on her lap in an attempt to make her as comfortable as she possibly could. She had smoothed Shoran's hair back from her face. Her thick auburn hair had come loose from the long braid she always wore over her left shoulder. The two often joked about that braid. Kryla always felt she should wear it to the right in order to cover her bare breast, while Shoran argued that it would get in the way of her bow arm if she were to wear it over the other side. Shoran emphatically refused to do anything that would interfere with her warrior skills. A smile played at the corners of Kryla's mouth for a moment.

Then she saw again, Shoran's broken body as it lay wracked with pain, the short tunic she wore during battle no longer recognizable as white...blood covered her from head to foot. Even the heavy, metal belt that cinched her waist was bent and broken. All the injuries she had sustained came from protecting Kryla from the horrors. She felt the guilt still. Shoran's last words were but a whisper: "I fought my lifetime for you Kryla...our bond is again broken. 'Tis the end this time I fear... " And she drew breath no more.

Unshed tears threatened to escape and Kryla fought to hold them in. She busied herself around the room in order to give herself a little more time to regain some composure. Her voice was still a little husky when she was able to speak again. "So, how will I know her? From what you tell me my Lord, she has changed much. I have always been able to find her by the feel of the whole and from what your words have told me, she is no longer one I would know."

"Yes, I suppose she has changed. Yet I believe you will know her. Look for and feel the light. I know you will encounter no difficulty, child, save there will now be two. The other, you will have to look for and feel the dark. He must be watched carefully."

Kryla tried to puzzle this all out. Her brow's knit together as she thought. Their eyes locked as He continued, "He is worthy Kryla, fear you not, yet, watch him closely for he is now the hotheaded persona without the tempering of the whole. He may give the group concern and some will not trust him." Odin began to fade and his words became distant. "Once you find him Kryla, you will know the truth of him." By the time the final words were spoken, He was gone.

Left alone, she sat on the edge of the bed and let her thoughts wander. Hearing about Shoran and the other was confusing. How could the Gods not know what happened? The corners of her mouth lifted. I do not care. Shoran has returned and that is what is important. The smile froze and was replaced by a frown when thoughts turned to why they were being awakened. She shuddered at the thought of what was to come.

All this is based on a Prophecy that has never been completed. Still, we come to the call. Why? That which is missing must hold the key to it all...I am sure it must. What went wrong the last time that we were called? Odin says it was too soon. What does 'too soon' mean? That things did not go well? We all know that! So why were we called now? I wonder what year it is? How long has it been since last we were all called together? If this is the end, then I suppose three hundred mortal years have passed. Kryla eyes widened when she thought of that. Three hundred years!

Throwing her hands in the air, she got up and started pacing around the room. "There are just too damn many unanswered questions going around in my mind! How can I remain sitting? Think, I must think! Perhaps the sleep has not left my mind and that is what stops me from knowing all I need to know."

Kryla's mind kept wandering back to the Prophecy. I wonder why I keep ending up here? The Prophecy we know is dark indeed, yet it does tell of our coming. Perhaps remembering the words will help? It cannot hurt I suppose...and, there is reason for everything. What that reason is I do not know, but there must be something here...somewhere. Perhaps in those dire words I will find the answers I need.

She stopped her pacing to picture it in her mind. I can see them clearly, so ingrained in our memories were those words. Line by line, the words were clearly seen and Kryla spoke them in her mind. Only the last lines came out aloud, in a voice choked with emotion.

"...Names these three do not have, for the Dark Souls of three must find, put names to these, little dark ones, or all will fall into deaths night."

The final words left her mouth and all was silence around her. The single candle on the small table by her bed, flickered in the light breezes coming through the open window. The shadows danced around her. Kryla stood in the middle of the room that had been hers for these past ages. Most of the answers were remembered now. The pain of what had once been and the fear of what was to come again were clearly revealed. All this, and more, lay in those words.

"Can you not see what you have to do?" Her voice was but a whisper. This time she allowed the tears to flow unchecked. "Name us all," she sobbed.

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